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Our Gardens

Our 7 acres of grade 2 listed gardens can be accessed at any time and are all secure. There are many seating areas with outstanding views. There is a sun terrace where our Residents can relax and unwind, landscape gardens, An orchard, greenhouses and a large kitchen garden.


Outside the side and back gardens are a wonderful feature of the Home, offering wide patio areas and views over the gardens where you can sit with friends and family, or on your own, relaxing and enjoying the scents, colours and wildlife in the Cornish sunshine.


The Home’s Horticulturalist has created a sensory herb garden in the Home’s garden for the enjoyment of the residents and the Home’s chef.  The back garden has a selection of terraces and lawns, designed by, featuring textures, colours, sounds and scents.  As well as gravel gardens, lawn areas and a wildlife garden, raised planting areas have been put in place so you can enjoy creating and developing your own garden, if you desire.


At the bottom of the garden there is a charming resting area, set in a wildlife garden, which acts as the activity centre for the Home.  Set amongst the hedges and wide variety of wildflowers, you can find ladybird, hedgehog and butterfly houses, or if you prefer, sit on the terrace and enjoy a range of crafts and hobbies, whilst listening to the gentle trickling of water from the fountain and enjoying the aroma of the flowers. 

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